Hellenic Studies

Paideia Summer 2017 Programs



PAIDEIA 2017 summer programs are offered in Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Dion, Aiani-Kozani, Sparta, Argos,  Karpenisi in Classical and Modern Greek, Culture, History, Archaeology and Marine studies. During the summer we have study tours around Greece visiting Greek Islands like Rhodes, Symi, Kos, Santorini and every region in mainland Greece. These courses are offered during three week blocks between the dates: May 7 to May 27, May 28 to June 17, June 18 to July 8, June 25 to July 10, July 2 to July 22.

The program includes visits to famous Archaeological sites and monuments of Greece depending on student interest and courses offered. The program includes a number of excursions to museums, galleries, churches and theaters. Students also attend local festivals and concerts when schedules permit.  Some past destinations with guided field trips have included Kozani, Aiani, Pella, Vergina, Meteora, Nemea, Mycenae, Argos, Nafplion, Delphi, Athens, Thermopylae, Chaeronea, Orhomenos, Epidauros, Nafpaktos, Sparta, Olympia, Patra, Corinth, Kos, Symi, Santorini, Nisyros, Crete,  Karpathos, Patmos, Mesologi, Arta, Ioannina, Dodona, Metsovo, Grevena, Kavala, Mytilini, Ikaria.

Students will live at a hotel or rental apartments in walking distance from the classrooms. Rhodes and  Thessaloniki students have their evening meal at the school’s cafeteria until June 30th. A second meal (lunch) is also offered to all Rhodes and Thessaloniki students abroad in May and June. Students studying in other regions of Greece have dinner at the school’s cafeteria or local restaurants seven days a week.


Paideia allocates scholarship grants in the range of $100-$750 to encourage and help summer students in Greece. Students with a GPA of 3.7 or higher at the time of application automatically receive a $150 US reduction against their tuition fees. During the period of last ten years Paideia awarded scholarships over $2,000,000 to students.


It is preferable that students have a grade point average of 2.5 GPA.


Four semester hours for Greek language courses and three semester hours for history, archaeology and other courses. Transfer of credit is from Paideia affiliated Greek Universities.


The program fee is $1,500 for one course. For two or more the cost is $1,200 per course during the same period, which includes orientation, tuition, housing, meal, cultural activities, local excursions and field trips. For the class with a study tour around Greece the cost is $2,000. Part of this year program costs for each participant are defrayed through Paideia’s scholarship support. This scholarship is reflected in the program fee. This does not include the International Student Identity Card, and a nonrefundable fees for application and registration with students home Universities.

Additional estimated costs include $1,500 for round-trip airfare, $40.00 study abroad insurance coverage per month, $1,000 for personal expenses and about $100 for textbooks.


All students must sign for 1 or 2 courses with a maximum of four.

    • ELEMENTARY MODERN GREEK I: Rhodes, May 7 to May 27/ May 28 to June 18/ June 11 to July 1/ July 2 to July 23. Four credits
    • ELEMENTARY MODERN GREEK II: Rhodes, May 7 to May 27, May 28 to June 17/ June 11 to July 1/ July 2 to July 23 . Four credits
    • HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY OF ANCIENT GREECE: Rhodes – Argos May 7 to May 27/ Dion – Aiani August 21 to September 10. Three credits.
    • HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY OF ANCIENT MACEDONIA Aiani-Kozanis and Dion, May 27 to June 17. Three credits
    • INTERMEDIATE MODERN GREEK I. Rhodes, June 11 to July 1. Four credits
    • ANCIENT GREEK I. Rhodes, May 7 to May 27. Four credits
    • THE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE OF GREECE Rhodes with a Study Tour around Greece May 15 – June 5 and June 19 to July 10. Three credits
    • GREEK MYTHOLOGY Rhodes, June 11 to July 1. Three credits
    • THE GREEK ENVIRONMENT Rhodes, June 11 to July 1. Three credits
    • BYZANTINE ART HISTORY Rhodes, May 7 to May 27. Three Credits
    • GREEK LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Study tour around Greece and Rhodes, June 19 – July 10. Three credits
    • TOPICS IN AEGEAN GREEK AND ROMAN ART Rhodes, June 4 to June 24. Three credits
    • ANCIENT GREEK RHETORIC Rhodes, May 30 to June 19. Three credits
    • OFF-CAMPUS STUDIES IN ART HISTORY Study tour around Greece. May 25 – June 3 and July 2 – July 10. One credit
    • MEDITERRANEAN DIET Dion June 4 to June 24. Three Credits
    • MARITIME HISTORY & UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY Rhodes, May 7-May 27. Three Credits
    • LAW OF ATHENS Rhodes, June 11- July 1. Three Credits
    • INTERMEDIATE PAINTING ! May 25-June 14. 3 Credits.